Month: April 2019

The Fair Debt Name for Debtors to Renegotiate Debt } Debt Finance

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  UPDATE : Feirão Limpa Name: Serasa started at the beginning of this month another Renegotiation Fair for consumers who are denied and indebted citizens. The event promises to offer discounts and exclusive conditions for payment of debts with more than 1,000 registered companies, among them banks , financiers , credit card issuers and companies, […]

Declining Interest Credit Cards: These are 3 Ways to Control Your Expenditures

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  Some time ago at the end of December 2016, Bank Indonesia (BI) decided to apply the credit card interest capping to 2.25% from the previous 2.95%. It can be said that the reduction in the upper limit of credit card interest is one of the efforts taken so that more people do non-cash transactions. […]

Can Trust the Closing Service of a Trusted Credit Card?

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The rise of fraud cases committed by irresponsible individuals must indeed be used as a lesson to be wiser in choosing the right financial consultant, so that they can help you in being free from debt problems. Cases that are rampant often make the outstanding credit card holders become losers. Usually these irresponsible individuals will […]

Credit Card Blacklist How Long, Loans Online

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  One question that is often asked by many customers with debt problems that have been or are still in arrears is “How long is the credit card blacklist ?”. Many people ask this because they feel anxious about the collectability of their credit. Note: As of January 2018, the entire BI Checking process to […]